Dorman Smith Loadlimiter 63 KR1 30mA 10kA “B” & “C” Type RCBOs 6-45A

Dorman Smith Loadlimiter 63 KR1 30mA 10kA “B” & “C” Type RCBOs 6-45A


Dorman Smith Loadlimiter 63 KR1 30mA 10kA “B” & “C” Type RCBOs 6-45A

Range Information

The Dorman Smith Loadlimiter 63 TP&N distribution board system excels in providing flexible and cost effective final circuit management solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a comprehensive range of TP&N distribution boards rated at 250A and a wide array of circuit devices the system ensures simple configuration as well as quick assembly for new and retrofit applications. To suit current industry regulation requirements the range has been extended to offer a vast collection of metering accessories including fully assembled metered power and lighting distribution boards. This range consists of both stocked and customised options providing an easy and flexible solution to comply with Part L2 Building Regulations and specification requirements. The standard finish is epoxy powder coating in light grey RAL 7035.

Single Module RCBOs

• Exceeds the requirements of EN 61009

• Single module: Type A

• 10kA rated breaking capacity

• Terminal capacity: outgoing terminals 10mm

• Terminal capacity: busbar side terminals 35mm

KR1PB0630A Type B 6A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB1030A Type B 10A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB1630A Type B 16A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB2030A Type B 20A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB3230A Type B 32A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB4030A Type B 40A 30mA 10kA
KR1PB4530A Type B 45A 30mA 10kA

KR1PC0630A Type C 6A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC1030A Type C 10A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC1630A Type C 16A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC2030A Type C 20A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC3230A Type C 32A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC4030A Type C 40A 30mA 10kA
KR1PC4530A Type C 45A 30mA 10kA

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Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg

B Type, C Type


10A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 40A, 45A, 6A


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