Indra Smart LUX™ 7.4kW 10m Tethered Smart Charger


Indra Smart LUX™ 7.4kW 10m Tethered Smart Charger

Introducing the Smart LUX™, Indra’s newest and most advanced charger, designed to be modern, stylish, and compact. Despite its small size, it’s packed with great features, making it the perfect addition to any home.

Product Variations.

SMNFGT2WH402 – White 10m Tether

SMNFGT2BL402 – Black 10m Tether

SMNFGT2GY403 – Malvern Stone 10m Tether

SMNFGT2GY404 – Elgar Grey 10m Tether


  • Slim and Compact: At just 78mm deep, the Smart LUX™ is one of the slimmest chargers available, fitting seamlessly even in the narrowest parking spaces and driveways.
  • Size: 201mm x 306mm x 78mm.


  • Modern and Stylish: Available in four timeless colors inspired by our Worcestershire heritage: Indra White, Symphony Black, Malvern Stone, and Elgar Grey.
  • Customization: Choose the charger that best complements your home.

Turbine Lights

  • At-a-Glance Communication: Unique lighting feature that changes color to indicate the charging status, making it user-friendly without needing to open the app.

Speed of Charge

  • Unmatched Charging Speed: You won’t find a faster charge anywhere.
  • Efficiency: Charge a 60kWh battery in under 9 hours.

App Features

  • Convenient Scheduling and Security: Schedule and lock your charger with ease.
  • Platform Compatibility: Available on both iOS and Android via the Indra App.

Solar Integration

  • Solar Charging: Utilize your solar panels for eco-friendly charging.
  • Cost Savings: Sunshine equals free charging.


  • Cost-Effective Charging: Take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity.
  • Economical Driving: Drive for less than 3p a mile.

The Indra Smart LUX™ combines elegance with functionality, featuring innovative lighting that reflects the charging status at a glance. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and performance with the Smart LUX™ charger

How to commission an Indra EV Charger

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Single or Three Phase

Single Phase

Communication Option

Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G

Installation Location


Socketed or Tethered



White, Symphony Black, Malvern Stone, Elgar Grey

Cable Length



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